Cookie Policy

Updated 17 May 2019.

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files stored by a web browser when you visit a site. They can be used to remember information about your visit and personal preferences for a website.

The cookies used, and their functions are:

WordPress cookies – these are essential to the operation of the WordPress content management system which powers this site.
Google Analytics cookies – these are used to track the visitors to this site. The data is used to build a better user experience for the website.

It is possible to block cookies from being set by the web browser or delete them once they have been set.

This site uses the Facebook pixel to collect data on visitor behaviour, such as:

which pages are visited
which device was used to view the website
what actions were taken

This information may be used to serve Facebook ads in future.

You can opt out of collection of information and third party adverts by using the following services:

Digital Adversting Alliance: Opt Out
Your Online Choices

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